How do I join a class? 

Step 1


We understand trying something new can be daunting, that’s why we’ve created a Trial Class. You'll have the chance to play around in one of our wonderful, Pole, Dance or Fitness classes, see our studio and ask our Instructors questions.

Step 2

Once we receive your enquiry, a member of our team will be in contact to see what classes might be best for you. You can ask questions about our courses and choose a time for your trial class. Expect to hear from us soon.

Step 3

When you arrive at the the studio we will introduce you to the team and get you ready to start your first class. IT'S THAT EASY ❤️ 

We are excited for you to experience what our studio is all about.  

To register: Simply click the book my class button below. 

Find your passion

We believe that every woman deserves to be fabulous, confident, strong, and happy.  

Learn new skills

Our programs are designed to bring out the BEST in YOU! 

No experience is required. Our courses are structured for safety and offer progressions to build your strength and fitness, so you can achieve GREAT THINGS - at any stage of life!  

Discover a new community

Inside and outside of the studio we have a strong community; you may sign up to a class of 10, but in reality we have a large group local women just like you, who come to our classes for fun and fitness. 

It's your time to shine

We live by the qualities that surround the word Vivid. Our classes will leave you feeling STRONG, POWERFUL, ENERGETIC, VIVACIOUS, LIVELY, DYNAMIC and ZESTFUL – be VIVID.

"Absolutely anyone can do pole classes, and with work can achieve incredibly things. When I enter the studio each week, I enter a second home full of friends, I share failures and successes all while being 100% supported every step of the way.  

It is so much fun (even the failures are fun if you let them be and learn from them!), and I feel so great walking out of that studio knowing I have gained something each and every week. I walked into my first class thinking ‘why not’, and walked out with a new obsession!  

Just give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain!"

Caitlin - Student at VVF